Publication Archives

Along with this page and a slew of eventual drop-down menu options, I will strive to provide a location for easy access to as much of my content as possible.

These sections will be linking to mainly reviews, analysis and overview posts; status updates or journal posts will be left out of the loop to decrease clutter.

My posts will also be easy to find under the catalogues, but I do see value in separating out the more analytical posts.

Seasonal Impressions

(This section is ordered by seasons)

Half-season Overviews


Best of Anime: Yearly Contemplations


In-Depth Analysis

Interview Transcripts & Translations

(In Release Order)

Anime Reviews

Film Festivals

Sydney Film Festival

  • 2019 (Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, Midnight Family, Wandering Chef, Children of the Sea)

Japanese Film Festival

  • 2019 | Part I (Masquerade Hotel, Ride Your Wave, The Truth, Brave Father Online), Part II (Samurai Shifters, Dance With Me, Rent a Friend)

Film Music

(Side note: also includes video game music, TV series/anime soundtracks & other select genres/albums)

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