Greetings, fellow lines of code who are controlled by 3D hunks of flesh (hopefully human…and functional) opposite computer screens, I am your fellow and lone ATMA & Funomena host, Bright.

This blog offers engaging and extensive analysis, oversight and rants on potentially anything anime-related, ranging from (overly) long anime series and film reviews, (super-overly) in-depth analysis, talks and additional retrospect on the former, to (ultra-overly) bourgeoisie posts and reviews on anime OSTs and soundtracks, which promises more in-depth studies on motifs and theme explorations than your typical top voted MAL review (not a high bar, to be honest…BUT STILL) and of course, a lot more (potentially tl;dr).

Also included are a slew of surprises, which can range from life rants, travel journals (award-winning photography included), merch collection posts, piano recordings by yours truly of anime tunes (both original and covers) to even web novel chapters and short fictional stories, if I have sudden creative urges.

Hell…I may even defect and cover some Western topics once in a while, if I feel like it…Lord of the Rings and Korra, anyone?

Stay tuned for more tid-bits about the Senpai behind this creation.

My happy face. I swear.

Aims & Hopes

I created this blog in the hopes of providing a place of higher discussion with intelligent (arguably subjective term, I know. Don’t worry, I’m pretty liberal about self-expression) and varying views for myself and fellow anime fans to indulge in and debate on. Also, this blog will act as a distributor for my creative and personal contributions to the world: it contains nuggets of my personal life and pursuits of my passions and hobbies, which I hope I get to share with as many people as possible.

In order to nurture a freely expressive environment, my content and site encourages discussions in the comments, with my voice guaranteed to join in on the bash and banter. Please feel free to contact me in whatever medium you see fit, as I always love a chat. Needless to say, however, basic human decency would be appreciated (or rather…mandatory on pain of death).

As per my writing style, I like to provide deeply insightful content for my readers with flare in both my compositions and presentation to retain interest, whilst also providing lucid, coherent opinions (without sounding like a self-righteous asshole), analysis and points of discussions.

Due to my tendency to sacrifice easy of consumability (short posts, focus on gifs or memes, etc) for density and substance, my posts will; more often than not; be incredibly long in word count and sprinkled with my brand of awkward humour and visual gags. So if you love reading deeply into an anime’s inner workings, or enjoy lengthy lancing sessions of discussion using long paragraphs, you will love it here.

Additional tid-bits (Under Construction)

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