The Senpai Behind The Funomena

Heya, fellow man-fleshes, let’s talk ‘me’ for a bit.

ATMA & Funomena was created by yours truly as a place to vent my creative and analytical energy: the analysis, ideas, opinions and personal takes on whichever topic I happen to be reading about, or a show I happen to be watching, or a fictional idea I had for a creative writing piece, needs a place to be dispelled from my brain and onto paper, blogs or forums. This site is my mind’s first line of defence against a literal informational implosion.

Me during a creative and informational overload episode.

The name? My name in real life, Bright, isn’t actually recognized by the government, but everyone not within my family refers to me as that out of convenience, which is neat, because ‘Bright’ also kinda reflects the literal meanings behind my real name (you know…Chinese names having meanings and everything…): science, knowledge and dawn (Apparently I was born under a golden sunrise…destined to be a genius). I’m currently a undercover spy who’s doubling as a full-time university student, studying at Sydney’s UNSW. I intend to complete my double degrees in Design and Media (PR & Advertising) without any fuss.

I have a knack and interest in reading and hearing people’s stories: both fictional and biographical. Since the life I lead isn’t the most interesting in the world, I saturate myself with such tales, in order to fulfil my thirst for wonders. Naturally, this fuelled my own knack for storytelling, and an eye to analyse the inner workings of stories.

The explorer side of me eventually materialised in the form of a rather immediate interest in photography: a interest I discovered after accidently pressing the shutter button of a handheld camera in 2005…the resulting image which managed to be perfectly composited in its depictions of a lakeside scenery, complete with willow trees and a light breeze.

As for anime…Like everyone else, I vaguely remember random episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon on TV, but its not until the end of 2014; after I’ve finished my high school finals and had 3 months to burn; that I officially dived deep into the medium fandom. I soon developed an unmanly amount of love towards the Slice of Life genre…shortly after completing some 300-ish episodes of Naruto and both seasons of SAO in a short 2 months. Interesting how my favourite genre greatly differed from my gateway anime.

More about *ME*!

(Under construction)

Stay tuned for: Favourite Anime (Series and films), favourite non-anime films and TV series, favourite film composers, and much more (potentially less positive)

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