Capsule Review & Commentary: Tamayura OVA Thesis

This post acts as an accompaniment to my thesis on Tamayura OVA.


The iyashikei genre of anime has been a sanctuary for this writer/photographer/student, ever since joining the anime fandom a year ago; the seemingly effortless grace of the shows I’ve watched from this genre can be proud to include Tamayura, as well. This OVA’s magnum opus is its gentle atmosphere, which works to inflict the viewer with subtle urges of artistic inspiration without obvious implications of preachiness.

Needless to say, lovers of gentle shows with a curious artistic devotion to the normality of human lives, and with no difficultly twisted plots and characters, will find a lot to indulge upon here. It is certainly a love letter to all artists, and one which all recipients should accept and embrace.


Alternative Titles

Non Non Biyori

Similar endearing and intimate tone: the quiet country lives of 4 girls and their adventures. Incorporates childhood nostalgia to a respectably melodramatic level.

Whisper of the Heart

Understated Ghibli film. Explores the teenage phase of one’s creative identity and the complications of self-expression and young love. Pleasantly low-key but also thematically vast.


Disclaimer: Info below are accurate as of publication date (Dec 2015). Also, I only list sites I’ve dealt with, so naturally there will be other venders.

Tamayura OVA and the ~hitotose~ TV series are licensed for Western distribution by Nozomi Entertainment. Home video release is currently a DVD set, which includes both the OVA and 12 episode TV series. Second season of ~more aggressive~ is currently unlicensed.

In stock at: Amazon US, Rightstuf (Int. Shipping available)

Note: As a self-contained analytical publication, I decided against including verdict tags and recommendations within the same post, as that would disrupt the reading flow of the writing. So as an added curtesy, select in-depth analysis, thesis or writings dedicated to exploring a show or film that has finished airing will be accompanied with a capsule commentary post as I see fit, in order to provide a condensed review, final verdict and recommendations for those who have read the original publication and would like some additional comments and recommendations on alternative anime or merchandise.

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