Capsule Review & Commentary: Is the order a rabbit? | GochiUsa

Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto

Animation Production: White Fox, Kinema Citrus

Music: Ruka Kawada

Genres: Slice of Life, Moe

Season: Spring 2014 (TV debut), Autumn 2015 (Season 2)

Episodes: 24

This post acts as an accompaniment to my analysis of the second season of Is the order a rabbit? | Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?. However, this capsule review deals with both seasons simultaneously.


As a pure-bred slice of life TV series, the enjoyment value of the show is decidedly varied, purely based on the tastes of individuals.

WALLET-WORTHY, if you are either easy to please, when it comes to relaxing entertainment and enjoy shows where cute girls do cute things, or if you appreciate deceptively artistic creations that has a subtle sense of atmospheric endearment, with the mission being the glorification or reminder of the beauty within the mundane.

SKIPPABLE FODDER, if you retain the pessimistic and frankly simplistic outlook, that the artistic style of moe, combined with the apparently ‘unambitious’ nature of the slice of life genre, are the epidemics that will soon wipe out the anime industry. This show’s honest and no-nonsense utilisation of its characters’ cuteness, the intimate homeliness of the setting and the total devotion of screen time to character interactions are no less typical of the genre, so nothing much present will be able to sway you.

Rather than trying to expand upon the thematic base of the slice of life genre, achieved to mixed results by shows such as Girls und Panzer and School-Live!, Is the order a rabbit? sticks to the basics, perfecting the fundamental essentials, and presented a world that was intricately detailed, lived-in, and inviting. Every aspect of the design, casting process and polish of the characters were irreplaceable, the voices and the personalities were melded to their on screen models effortlessly. With Cocoa as the interactive centre of the girly group, the cast was infectuously endearing.


Alternative Titles

Tamako Market

An original Kyoto Animation creation by break-out director Naoko Yamada. Follows a similar setting within an utopic sanctuary where character interactions form the bulk of the story. Subtle explorations of the fundamental constructs of ‘love’ in its every form within organic expressions. Pure slice of life series, with a tonne of between-the-lines material for the more observant viewers.

Girls und Panzer

The aforementioned slice of life and competition hybrid brings a surprisingly relaxing and competitive atmosphere with its world of cute girls driving tanks.


Disclaimer: Info below are accurate as of publication date (Feb 2016). Also, I only list sites I’ve dealt with, so naturally there will be other venders.

Both seasons of Is the order a rabbit? are licensed for western distribution by Sentai Filmworks, with season 1 currently available on home video via. both DVD and Blu-ray. It is expected that season 2 will be released on home video in late 2016 or early 2017.

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Note: As a self-contained analytical publication, I decided against including verdict tags and recommendations within the same post, as that would disrupt the reading flow of the writing. So as an added curtesy, select in-depth analysis, thesis or writings dedicated to exploring a show or film that has finished airing will be accompanied with a capsule commentary post as I see fit, in order to provide a condensed review, final verdict and recommendations for those who have read the original publication and would like some additional comments and recommendations on alternative anime or merchandise.

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