Tribute Column: Exclusively KyoAni

Needless to say, everyone has favourites.

Throughout my years of following anime, Kyoto Animation always seemed to be at the forefront of my fondness towards this industry: Something about all their titles always seem to kick my passionate and appreciatively analytical mind into overdrive.

This section will be archiving all publications that I compose in regards to reviewing, analysing in-depth or general investigations on KyoAni as a studio, its shows and its various staff members.

Needless to say, as you will come to see when you read my posts: my publications’ complexity, level of detail and topics’ frequency are SOMEWHAT directly proportional to my amount of positive opinions in regards to said topics: I dislike analysing too deeply into something I don’t like from the get go, despite the reality that it may at times shallow my wealth of exposure to more subjects, something I constantly acknowledge and will strive to fix up. Nonetheless, you won’t be seeing much of me ranting endlessly on a show or whatever that I consider to be shit anytime soon: such an activity I consider to be akin to examining dog waste left burning on black pavement, in order to measure the level of stench a human can tolerate. Not my department of expertise.

Enjoy the posts, after indulging in some perfection porn from KyoAni.

Yeah…I’m still waiting for another studio to perfect hair flicks, detail in character, scenery texturing and cinematic polish.

I COULD include more, but there is such a thing as ‘overdoing’ it. Folks over at KyoAni tend to be rather saturating in their stylings of background details and animation, so a page full of gifs or scenery porn without text break up would cause undue nose bleeds from overexposure to awesomeness.


Lucky Star

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

  • Extended discussion (Includes commentary on livetweeting, live reaction and the third media revolution)

Sound! Euphonium

Violet Evergarden

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