Rating Systems

I generally dislike score-based verdicts: they are the initiator of troll wars everywhere, with single-minded creatures online ignoring 98% of the content, and screaming for blood over one Arabic numeral. BUT, it you crave such simple doses of what I thought of a show, feel free to see my MAL, where I keep a fairly accurate recording of every show I’ve watched.

Also to keep things interesting, while below features my regular set of verdict tags, some reviews will feature completely original creations, specifically tailored to my final ratings to one specific show.

Season First Impressions / Half-season Overviews

(As of 2017, this system is no longer in use. I will keep this section here in case you want to check out the backlogs.)

These posts are regular on a seasonal basis, usually uploaded 1 week into the anime season, and 6-7 weeks in for the half-season overviews. I provide slightly condensed reviews over what I’ve watched so far, in regards to shows I’ve decided to follow. The important detail here, is that these ratings are NOT my final verdict, but my general recommendations as to whether they should continue being followed, put on hold for a marathon, skip or avoid. At times, shows are impossible to be slapped with just one ‘final say’, so I will also provide additional sub-verdicts with brief ‘if’ statements.

FOLLOW WEEKLY: My gesture of approval to continue following the title.

HOLD FOR MARATHON: Some shows like to function with rage-inducing cliff-hangers, or have plots that are difficult to remember watching weekly. So if a show is worth following, but retains the above-mentioned traits, this tag recommends you to keep it on the backburner for a few episodes before consumption.

SKIPPABLE: Not horrible, but I see little entertainment or positive value in following the show any further. There’s little harm in continuing, however.

AVOID: Possibly a rare verdict to appear, due to my usually careful and considerate manner in picking shows to follow, but if this tag does appear, it’s probably because I just took a bullet for you. Try not to go running back into the crossfire after my warning.

INDECISIVE: Another rare verdict tag, but some shows (such as certain harem/ecchi shows with selective comedic value) are impossible to grant or deny a recommendation to follow or skip, without considering specific personal tastes. This tag will always be followed with a run down of multiple additional verdicts to match a multitude of personal tastes.


Regular reviews; not in-depth analysis posts (there are exceptions, however), etc; feature these final verdicts. Topics such as plot cohesiveness, characterisation clarity, animation and music will be covered with balance and varied considerations during the final verdict weighing, depending on the genre of the show: characterisation in an ecchi-pandering show will be considered less than the other factors, whilst in an adventure/fantasy show, it will be considered more equally, etc. These weighting variances will be mentioned in each final verdict segments.

TV Series, OVAs, etc

CERTIFIED FUNOMENAL: Either considered amongst my top favourites, or genre-definers and revolutionary when considering their impact on the industry, and of course, the shows’ general quality. Needless to say, spend big to showcase your appreciation of these shows.

WALLET-WORTHY: Quality show that deserves a place on your shelf, either in disc form or in forms of other merchandise.

SIPPABLE OVER A STREAM: Generally, this verdict has two tiers: top-tier shows with this verdict are only slightly below WALLET-WORTHY, mostly because of their generally lower level of re-watchability. Lower-tier shows with this verdict have more selective appeal, or are flawed enough to only deserve a try on streaming.

SKIPPABLE FODDER: Select few may find some enjoyment in these, but it would be best to not waste time watching shows of this verdict.

AVOIDABLE FREAK ACCIDENT: Would you drive a car you already know could explode any moment? Me neither.

VARIABLE DOSAGE PRESCRIPTIONS: Wide array of appeals or flaws, making said show impossible to rate with one verdict. Shows tagged with this will be given a multitude of sub-verdicts, based on differing tastes.


Follows similar review verdicts as above, but due to their general unavailability for instant and legal streaming, I replace ‘SIPPABLE OVER A STREAM to ‘BARGIN BIN-WORTHY’ for film reviews.

(More rating systems will be uploaded as reviews of different mediums are uploaded.)

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