Capsule Review & Commentary: Dimension W

Director: Kanta Kamei

Animation Production: Orange, 3Hz

Music: Go Shiina

Genres: Action, Seinen, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi

Season: Winter 2016

Episodes: 12


Ok, before I go on, allow me to reinstate (all) my comments from the season previews:

You know…The Japanese really must hate physics: they just have to flick the middle finger (or whatever insulting gesture they have over there) at every proven physics law and say: “f*ck that noise, this law of physics doesn’t work with my story, let’s screw with it.” Don’t get me wrong, we do it too. The fact that light speed travel would require an infinite output of kinetic energy and equating us being of infinite mass (a little too late for a diet, I suppose…) didn’t stop both ‘Star…’ franchises from using them. The funny thing for me is…the Japanese LOVE to invent mock physics laws and concepts to justify their physics-defying plot points. Think: the fifth dimension and subatomic materials explained by means of: “ummm…scientists discovered it in 2140: they found out that a square DOESN’T have 4 sides…it actually has 4 sides and 17 anti-sides…anti-sides that hides the meaning of life.”

Apparently, an infinite energy source exists within a recently discovered (the year’s 2071, by the way) alternate dimensional plane, named the W dimension, which exists beyond the X, Y and Z dimensions. So…If I were to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism, now I have to find out the dimensions of its length, width, height and…:/ … f*ck this shit.

Yep, that’s basically it. Now that I’ve reached the show’s conclusion, Dimension W’s potential lies within its wealth of ideas that occasionally showed sparkles of inspiration, but it ultimately self-destructed in a heap of loud mess. Tying it all up with an ultimately unlikable protagonist and a cute robot girl that has little substance beyond her admittedly appealing design, Dimension W is an unfortunate stumble of a series.

Recommendations: Alternative Titles

Giant Robo


A throwback series, Giant Robo’s intense aesthetic and a stark exploration of genre homages gives it a distinctive charm that defies obscurity.

Dark than Black


Similarly toned urban fantasy-esque universe with a tinge of Sci-fi and otherworldly concepts.

2 thoughts on “Capsule Review & Commentary: Dimension W

  1. I passed on the show when it began airing because I didn’t think it looked interesting and the general reaction I heard was simply that it was lackluster and forgettable. The show recently sprung to mind given Studio 3hz’s most recent exploit this season in Flip Flappers and for a time I wondered at what could have been and whether I might pick up the mediocre show anyway but I think this cements the fact that I’ll probably never watch it haha. Thanks for sharing and I like your review formatting.


    • Eh despite its mediocrity, I’d still recommend that it gets an audience, since more careful watchers will be able to find meaning in those fleeting moments of when the show starts to develop its good ideas (before it you know…gives up).

      As for the format: I suppose it does work as quick outlines of my taste, for shows that I don’t have a lot to say on (I can afford thousands of words to talk about shows I’m interested in, but they wouldn’t be ‘reviews’ anymore, would it?)

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