Donation Drive

While I have no systems set up for article commissions, I do hope that I can maintain this blog without any implementations of ads to take care of its running costs.

Yes, I currently have a free WordPress account, however, I pay for my own share of the home internet, electricity, water and gas bills, all the while bouncing off multiple extremely unstable contract positions to support myself (mainly event photographer positions for the time being). In order to maintain the high level of polish that I uphold for every post; whether it be links, image or video accompaniments; I would spend hours watching, reviewing, analysing, searching, screenshotting and uploading anime clips. No doubt that eats into my work and study time and requires an increase to my monthly broadband quota.

I try to do as much as I can piggybacking off my uni’s internet services, but since I do torrent my fair share of anime for footage and maintaining a digital collection alongside a home video one (I am an advocate for supporting the creators and I’m generally against any form of piracy, so I have a tricky rule for myself and torrenting: I usually buy the shows/films on BD/DVD, before torrenting), I don’t like getting detected torrenting in the Uni network.

So here’s a PayPal link, if you are feeling especially generous.