ATMA & Funomena is now on Patreon!

Greetings, fellow readers.

Just a quick note, in regards to this new development. 2017 was a relatively spotty year for this blog: while my upload frequency has somewhat dropped, the quality and diversity of coverage I was able to afford has expanded. I’ve published and co-commissioned interviews and transcripts, extended essays, in addition to my usual collection of thought pieces, summaries and capsule reviews.

A more recent development involved a still in-production project: a new collaborative commission on an extended interview translation, focusing on a particular topic that I’ve been busting ass trying to cover, literally on my lonesome in the anime community. While there are certainly sites that review and cover games and film music news and albums, I have the utmost confidence (and no less amount of pride) that my content and level of impassioned depth is top-tier, and is still rather unprecedented in the anime/video game community. And I look to expand on that quality in 2018 and beyond. Which leads to the inevitable issue of funding.

ATMA & Funomena was never meant for profit. It is a non-paying passion project, which I have sunk dozens of hours into every month. However, I see now, that in order to bring this site closer to my ever-evolving visions, I was going to need help. The collaborative commission for the translation was the first clear sign of this: I was SUPER glad that I was able to reach out to some amazing people to co-fund it, but eventually, I’d imagine me continuously asking them out of the blue would bound to get annoying.

So I am creating a Patreon. I have hopes of creating fan & original art, piano recordings, publish fiction novels, and making YouTube (or whatever new saving grace to the online community that comes in the next few years) videos someday. Those are the faraway dreams. Right now, I am hoping to be able to afford new reading material, be able to commission translations myself, and be able to just…write more stuff. So I sincerely hope that some of my regular readers are willing to support me in this.

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