When A Man(-Child) Flies to London for a Single Reason That’s Got Nothing to Do with England

My year 10 science teacher was a charming old man, with a voice that’s so booming loud, me and my classmates theorized that he swallowed an always-on microphone somewhere along his eventful life.

I loved him as a teacher. I used to think of him as a walking and breathing encyclopedia. Lessons with him always ended up going off in tangents within tangents, each one more interesting than the last. No matter what subject bubble your question may be in, he always seemed to know at least something about it. And believe me, I asked a lot of questions, being that kind of kid who didn’t like the feeling of not understanding something.

I don’t know when or how we got to it, but I specifically remember him going on and on about the utterly unimaginative names our Sydney landmarks have. The bridge on our famed Sydney Harbour is called…the Harbour Bridge. Our iconic clam-shell opera house is called…the Opera House. Let it be known, that I already spent some 6 years in Sydney by then, and I never thought about it until he brought it up. I mean come on! At least call the bridge the Iron Arch or something, and the opera house can just be The Clamshell House. It might be a bit literal, but it is certainly more impressionable than The Sydney Opera House.

Anyway, why did I bring this up? I’m flying to London. Right now in fact. I’m writing this at an airport lounge, and if the future me is quick enough, this post can act as a fitting status update. This is my first solo trip, flying to a foreign country I’ve never being to before, and it is my hope that my 7 nights there can allow me enough time to at least get a feel of Sherlock Holmes’ home city.

Oh, and yeah, my REAL reason for flying all the way there has nothing to do with the city, or country itself. Like the true wannabe otaku that I am, my every whim is no determined by my devotion to the great Nippon (not true of course, but I have to keep up my persona, don’t I?).

This 100% self-funded trip is so I can watch the London Symphony Orchestra perform Japanese game music.

This is a good reason, I swear.

So, back to that opening landmark rant I for some reason decided to include…I do have a vague plan on how I’m going to tackle London’s selected landmarks. There’s that K-On! Movie, right? I think you all understand what I’m implying.

K-on map.jpg

Anyway, I’m off. See you in 24 hours. I have an additional blog post I hope to finish while there.

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