Kickstarter Venturing: September 2016 | MOONSHOT Vol 2, Third Editions Gaming Library

Starting a new column-of-sorts on this blog, aimed to both provide some much-needed support for Kickstarter projects that I am interested in, and to give some insight for my readers on the sort of things I’m interested in, be it comics, photography books, awesome product designs or ambitious animation productions. Two birds with one stone, essentially: I get to talk about creative projects that I think are awesome, while you guys get to know more about me.

It is unlikely that this will be a regular column that gets new posts every month, since I AM still just a uni student with limited budget. But if I do pledge for some things that I think are interesting enough all within the same month, I will churn out one of these. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

MOONSHOT Indigenous Comics Collection VOLUME 2


I am fascinated with world origin stories. I always have. Most likely, this life-long interest in such tales have driven me to have a particular, unexplainable love and affection for cultures that aren’t as prominent as centuries ago. I wish to understand their way of life, how they view the universe and how I can find inspirations in them to enrich my own worldview. As for world origin stories…I’ve heard plenty of them from dozens of cultures worldwide, big and small: God creating the world in 6 days and resting on the 7th, the Rainbow Serpent’s worldwide journey and her laws that ensured peace and prosperity between the tribes, Kua Fu’s age-long chase of the sun that exemplified humanity’s will to overcome draught and natural misfortune, and the legendary archer Houyi’s deeds in shooting down 9 suns with his deadly skills, leaving the 10th and last still thriving in the sky. Yep, those stories were fascinating. (Kudos if you recognised all of them).

Anyway, now that I’m done with the tangent, MOONSHOT Volume 2 is marketed as a collection of short stories, authored and illustrated by a team of award-winning Native American artists. These comic-style stories range from modern retellings of traditional tribal stories to contemporary fantasy fiction.

With the first volume proven to be a critically acclaimed, with strong sells and high emotional resonance with readers, Alternate History Comics’s proposed sequel aims to repeat the formula, albeit with additional artists joining the team, along with a new batch of all new and original short stories, ultimately promising to deliver a 200 page-long product.

The pledge award tiers’ offerings are decidedly diverse for a project of this medium. Offerings extends from digital DRM-free and PDF copies, bookmark sets featuring art from the product, regular retail copies or bundles with the original first volume, to Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover editions, artist’s signature on hardcover editions and two-volume hardcover slip-case bundles (strictly limited pressings). In addition, signed and numbered art prints from a variety of artists are also available for pledgers, as well as framed canvas prints and original one-of-a-kind artwork for hardcore art collectors.

Recommended Reward Tiers | Regular, Enhanced, Premium

$45 CAD | MAXIMUM Volume: For newcomers to the series, this tier offers both volumes 1 and 2 in their regular, retail packaging and print stock, plus 2 sets of bookmarks and digital copies.

$70 CAD | SIGNED WOLF SPIRIT MACK PRINT + BOOK: This tier offers volume 2 in its regular retail version, digital edition and bookmark sets, plus a signed art print by artist David Mack (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Daredevil). The art print can be switched with another artist’s by simply choosing between this tier’s art offerings. Volume 1’s regular retail version can also be pledged for via an add-on of another $20.

$70 CAD | LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER: Offers volume 2 in its limited-edition, Kickstarter-exclusive print stock, along with the digital edition and bookmark sets. For those who prefer their collections uniform, Volume 1’s hardcover edition is available as an add-0n for $50.

$100 CAD | SIGNED WOLF SPIRIT PRINT + HARDCOVER: Same awards as the directly above tier, but with the addition of Mack’s signed & numbered art print. Again, can be switched with another artist’s offering.

$200 CAD | DOUBLE SLIP-CASE WITH BOTH VOLUMES: What I believe to be the maximum viable tier for my readers. This tier offers the limited edition hardcover version of both volumes, tier-exclusive double slip-case that houses both volumes. In addition, the tier also offers the usual digital editions of both volumes, set of bookmarks, plus a choice of a single signed and numbered art print from the entire collection of artists.

Third Editions: Ultimate Gamer Library

Incidently, I don’t think I’ve actually played any of these games to completion. Zelda…I’ve clocked in about a few hours in 2 or 3 games, watched a few hours of let’s play streams, but that’s it. As for Final Fantasy and Dark Souls…Nope, never touched them.

HOWEVER, described as tomes that not only explores the lore of its games in depth, tiny details noticed by the books’ extremely obsessive and nerdy authors (who have written some 40 books, covering dozens of game franchises) but also offers deep, analytical and painstakingly researched insight into the game creators’ minds, this translation campaign sounds like a passion project that aims to recreate the feelings of flipping through interesting history books that can tell interesting stories, but also intrigue and amaze. That’s more than enough for me, since while I haven’t played these games much, I am interested in them. Playing them after flipping through these pages may well provide me with a even more enriching experience.

Third Editions is a start-up publishing firm in France already with a positive engagement with the market. Their books are shown to be profitable and reliable in their home market. This Kickstarter aims to translate more than a thousand pages of content into English, something which they claim is just as; if not more difficult than, writing them from scratch. As an opening international market push, they are offering the best crops of their collection.

The reward tiers range from regular hardcover copies, Kickstarter-exclusive editions to the chance to become a benefactor of the publishing house, meaning free books for life from them.

Recommended Reward Tiers | Regular, Enhanced, Premium

€27 | One Book: Simple enough, one regular copy, with a choice between The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII and Dark Souls

€60 | Three Books: This tier offers the entire collection in their regular editions.

90 | Kickstarter Collector’s Edition Bundle: Offers all three books in their exclusive print stock, limited to 2000 copies.

€265 | Kickstarter Ultimate Book Box: Same awards as the directly above tier, but adds the unique extra of a custom designed and crafted wooden presentation slip-case..

€4,500 | The Benefactor: A Lifetime of Books: Just for fun, I’ll include this ludicrous but still rather appealing final tier. In addition to the rewards offered directly above, this tier also gives you the officially dubbed title of the publishing house’s benefactor, meaning that as long as they kept on printing, every single product they produce and release, you will get a copy with no additional charge. For life.

That’s it from me for this month. I will post another one of these if I come across some interesting projects that I’ve backed in the future in the coming months (and if my wallet allows such investments).

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