Notice from the Creator: I’m Going Back to China! (For a Short Visit)

If I haven’t made it clear yet: yes, I am a Chinese-Australian, born and raised in China, but grew past the drinking age in the land down under (and yeah, the legal age is 18 down here, so SUCK IT America). I suppose it is time for me to go back there, and breathe in some of that countryside air again. I will be visiting my Dad; who’s currently living in Chongqing. I will also be dropping by at my old childhood village near Xichang and see how the old folks there are doing, before I swing around to Chengdu to visit my grandparents, second uncle and aunt for a bit. Also arranged to get my wisdom teeth removed there. Two birds with one stone.

I will be airborne on the 7th, so after that date, expect almost total radio silence from me until July comes around (unless I figure out some sort of method to bypass the Great Firewall). I do have a few more scheduled posts that will be uploaded throughout next week, so you will still have some stuff in the pipeline from me. I will also be turning off comment filters while I’m away, taking away the need for me to approve comments (let’s call that a trial-run, since I don’t trust the Internet’s ability to keep a discussion civil for long). So please, fire away, so I can come back to some awesome interactions. Human interactions are awesome, and my Cowboy Bebop post’s comment section proved that in spades.

So yeah, a quick update from me. As for some details about what I’ve been up to in the last two weeks…I’ve been slaving away at Uni assignments, major projects and design portfolios. For those who are curious about the more ‘professional’ side of me, here’s the showroom brochure I created, as part of a Vespa design portfolio showcase that I had to complete for a major assignment.

As always, I hope that my readers are having a blast with life. I will see you people in a month.

Some advice from the local man: Chengdu is a pretty good place to visit, if you are looking to see a different side of China: Spicy food, thousand year old+ streets, spicy hot pot, great people, and spicy street food. (Yep. Chilli is in my blood)

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