UnimeTV: Bi-weekly Analysis | Re:Zero Episodes 2 – 3

Ahh…so this series is going for a fantasy adventure vibe. I kinda dig it!

The plot-specific developments of the story thus far, has sold it as a journey-centric mystery, focusing on the historical intrigues of the characters and the fantastical power plays of this world. In this publication, I decided to focus a bit more on our main character Subaru, since I find his balance of genre-savviness and lack of good fortune (getting killed twice by one crazy woman? The ultimate friend zone) really interesting on a characterisation level.

Enjoy the read. UnimeTV link

2 thoughts on “UnimeTV: Bi-weekly Analysis | Re:Zero Episodes 2 – 3

  1. While I was by and large entertained by Re:zero’s first few episodes, I was pretty disappointed in Episode 3 for a couple of reasons. I honestly found the prolonged fight scene quite uninteresting, seeing as the majority of it was just Elsa moving as a blur while Emilia and her familiar standing in one place either firing ugly triangle icicles or putting up shields. It just got repetitive.

    But my question for you is this: how do you feel about the potential growth/development of the characters? Chemistry aside, Reimhard just seems like a generic overpowered “good guy” archetype and even Subaru is a one-note otaku trying to rationalize a new world. Other characters are simlarly simple. Do you think the foundation is there for anything more than humdrum, passable character arcs and development?

    In any event, I enjoyed the read.


    • Subaru has somehow managed to kinda subvert his archetype by knowing some martial arts, and I find nothing annoying or tiring with his genre-savvy self awareness.

      Thus far, the episodes doesn’t seem to be interested in developing its characters, as supposed to identifying the atmosphere of the world, so right now, I hold no opinion on that.


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