UnimeTV: First Impressions | Re:Zero Episode 1

Slowly easing my way back, here’s another one I’ve written for UnimeTV.

Wanting to add some more flare into my blogging life, I decided to take upon the obligation of trying out a biweekly review schedule for the Spring 2016 anime series Re:Zero. Without skimping on quality and the level of detail I dictate myself upon, I now have a baby that I really DO need to nurture constantly. Or the bossmen will kill me.

Anyways, I had a blast analysing the first Re:Zero, episode: plenty of underhanded self-awareness, subtle world building and the usual hair-raising ending hooks that begs one to want more (or…turn away in disgust, with their eyes rolling towards the back of their skulls). Needless to say, I recommend fantasy lovers to give it a shot, might be fun.

Enjoy the read. UnimeTV link

2 thoughts on “UnimeTV: First Impressions | Re:Zero Episode 1

  1. Glad to see someone else thinking hogh things of this show! My only reservation is that it uses a time hook plot device, and time travel is probably the easiest narrative construct to mess up whether it be in tonal shifts, plot holes, or fractured character arcs. Do you feel any caution about the use of time in such a story?


    • To be perfectly honest, the use of time travel as a main plotline has become so conventional in my experience with film, that I don’t really label ‘misusing time travel’ as a special case of lazy writing anymore: I see it as just another flaw to throw on the pile.

      For my two cents: if they pulled off this Groundhog Day-esque time travel elements without much fuss, it would make it an incredible show, if they miss…well…they fail to grasp how to use an increasingly common utilised plot device, so that’s failure on every level, including the basics of writing or plotline construction.

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