ATMA & Funomena Temporarily Closed for Maintenance | Unime Indoctrination

Hey, people. Bright here.

So it has been a blast, coming to grips with this whole blogging thing, it is perhaps the most fun I’ve had when I shut myself in my own room for hours on end (second only to- never mind. Read on). I’ve enjoyed the analytical and creative freedom, as I poured all my technical jargons and self-indulgent observational skills into series thesis and sarcasm-filled impressions.

However, I think I’ve kinda hit a creative snag…think of a pipeline that’s bursting because of having too much water. There’s so much things I want to cover, shows I want to watch with a clear and observant mind, movies I still need to break down in essays and film music I need to dissect. As you can see from my recent posts: too much lists and overviews, not much analytical pour-fests, which are by far my favourite things to write and read.

This is why I decided to suspend publishing regular content on the blog for a while. With a new uni semester that is monumentally more packed than I anticipated, plus a whole lot of background work that needs to get done for this site (the About pages, for instance), I will stop publishing in order to sort these out. So expect a much better experience when you return to read my next release.


My new Unime blogger position

Oh right, there’s something else. While I might not be releasing original content on this blog, I won’t stop blogging altogether. In fact, I will still be ‘posting’ on this site. O.o

I know, pretty confusing, huh? Well, turns out, I impressed someone at Unime; a new anime fan network site; and I was offered a blogger position there. Naturally, the prospect of more potential readers of my writings and the opportunity to engage with more of both the WordPress aniblogger AND the anime community excites me immensely. So, you will soon start to see my fingerprints on the content being released there. The publication schedules are still being worked out, but I doubt that I will be writing myself to death there, since I will only be releasing about 2 posts a month at most for them.


Of course, my publications on Unime will be linked here as well, with content snippets, so ATMA & Funomena should never remain dormant, even during my absence. And when I am back to regular posts, this blog will be even more lively than ever.

For those who have stuck with me for the last 4-5 months, I thank you.

This is NOT goodbye, not by a LONG SHOT. I plan to complete the groundworks for this blog during this break, which includes finishing my top 10/20 anime post for all to crap on and criticise, so expect some subtle but oh-so-good additions to the site.

Until then, see you later.

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