UnimeTV: Cultural Currency in Lucky Star

Aaaaannnndd I’m back to blogging. Kinda.

For weeks now, I’ve been contemplating on the nature of fandoms. Rather than a purely intellectual study, I decided to approach this curiosity with a sense of self-discovery: relying on my 5 senses and observing how fandoms materialise from the culture in which they are surrounded with. To frame this little thought experiment of sorts of mine, I decided to briefly analyse the personality of the 2007 hit Lucky Star.

Enjoy the read. UnimeTV link


ATMA & Funomena Temporarily Closed for Maintenance | Unime Indoctrination

Hey, people. Bright here.

So it has been a blast, coming to grips with this whole blogging thing, it is perhaps the most fun I’ve had when I shut myself in my own room for hours on end (second only to- never mind. Read on). I’ve enjoyed the analytical and creative freedom, as I poured all my technical jargons and self-indulgent observational skills into series thesis and sarcasm-filled impressions.

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