Anime Haul: Christmas 2015 & NY

Ever since the founding of this humble blog of mine, I’ve been meaning to do a ‘otaku lair’ post, or adding a page dedicated to showing off my merch, since that’s what people do. I find checking out other people’s collections to be a gratifying thing, in terms of find comradery in the fandom, so me writing and showing off my own would mean similar feelings of self-reassurance, in terms of convincing myself, that “Hey! I’m not the only one spending hundreds on that adorable Holo figure, I’ll be fine!”

Well, it’s been about two weeks, since the bombardment of holidays. Needless to say, after spending to get a pile of presents into my close friends and families’ laps, some leftover dough was left for me to spend on myself. So enjoy, as I show off what I got as gifts from friends, and from my own wallet.

As a matter of fact, I DID use a Instagram filter…I’ve betrayed my fellow photographer kinsmen.

Some First-time Intro

If anything, my most extensive collection will still have to be the home video sets: a combination of around 75% Western-licensed and 25% imported from Japan; for shows I have a keen love for and desire to support. Of course, if Blu-ray’s available, its mine. DVDs: I rarely get these, but I do get them at times, for archival purposes, for shows that may not be getting medium upgrades, anytime soon.

Same thing goes for light novels and manga: I don’t collect the latter often, since I find reading them to be tedious (not used to the format, as of yet), but my LN collection’s slowly getting extensive, with a couple of titles I have immense interest in. But more about this, another time.

I only recently started slowly collecting figures, after setting some strict goals for myself: only get characters I like, only one version of them and no chibis or nendoroids, unless they really are the best choice, in terms of pricing and availability.

Now then, shall we start the catwalk?

Blu-rays / DVD Sets

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Complete Series (Lim.Ed Blu-ray Set): Really need to get started on this series, and Funimation has just given me a perfect reason to. My moral conscience of giving every franchise its fair share of exposure, and the notion, that the original series offers more in-depth development for several storylines plus an entirely original plotline, makes it more than worth it, to watch this before Brotherhood. For those imploring me to ignore this: get out.

Canaan: Complete Collection (Blu-ray): More of an impulse buy: Canaan looks and sounds like a badass character from the previews I’ve watched, the premise reads like a story of intrigue, injected with action, so why not?

Emma: A Victorian Romance | Season 2 (Lim.Ed DVD Box Set): This completes the collection. As a rare (in anime, at least), mature romance story, involving class division and Victorian Europe, I should find plenty to like about this series, once I have the time to watch this. If only this show had a dub…

Maria Watches Over Us | Seasons 1 – 4 (Complete DVD Sets): Another blind and random buy. I got season 1 a few months back, when my then-noob self relied on MAL and ANN scores, without even knowing the premise. Well now…as a completionist, I have to complete the set (Perfect timing too, with the Christmas sale going on). I STILL don’t know what the premise is…apparently it’s a yuri romance? Enlighten me. (Yes. The preview text didn’t help with this.) Also, Rightstuf isn’t doing so well with stocking its box sets…while seasons 2 and 4, I got with fancy cardboard, seasons 1 and 3, I had to make do with regular, boring cases.

Art Books & Manga

A Sky Longing For Memories: The Art of Makoto Shinkai

I am disappointed in myself, for being unable to decipher more from Shinkai’s artwork and compositions: their intense detail and deliberate intricacies must hold more gems than ‘Ooooooo pretty!’, right? So far, the only film I watched from Shinkai, was his The Garden of Words film. As detailed in my Tale Time segment; I was still a newbie to anime then, so I spent the time staring at those rain droplets, instead. There may be a time, one day, when I can watch that film again, with all the knowledge I’ve gained from being exposed to so much more shows and films, and of course, upon completing the rest of Shinkai’s filmography.

After flicking through a few pages, I can assure myself, that it’s money well spent, with detailed descriptions of the process and the meaning behind certain compositions, choice of object depictions, lighting choices and colour palettes. This is going to be a good read.

A Silent Voice | Volumes 1, 3, 4: During a quick trip to the local book store on Boxing Day, after fighting through the crowds, I managed to pick up these. Upon learning, that the legendary Kyoto Animation will be the main production studio for an anime film adaptation, my interests in this title piqued. My excitement reached boiling point, when I learned, that Naoko Yamada, master director of K-on!, Tamako Market and Tamako Love Story, will also be taking over the director’s chair for this one. Not sure when I will find the courage to read this (definitely NOT before the movie: need to ready myself for that masterpiece hopeful); considering its subjects of bullying, social study on the unforgiving nature of humans’ tribal mindsets and the ideas of remorse and suicide. But hey, brave subjects like this alone, deserves respect. And my money.

(And yes, volume 2 was sold out when I went there.)


Maka Albarn: Soul Eater | 1/6 Scale by Medicom Toy

I’ve so far watched about 14 episodes of Soul Eater, and Maka’s tsundere tendencies and her cute but brutal demeanour made her really likeable to me. Also…I want that cap- I mean coat of hers…

“No capes!” – Edna Mode.

Akatsuki: Log Horizon | 1/7 Scale by Aquamarine

What can I say? I really liked Log Horizon, as a show that can proudly proclaim itself as a ‘trapped in a video game’ genre advocate. Akatsuki’s adorable presence was a bow tie over the wrapped present.

King of Knights: Saber – Fate/Stay Night | 1/7 Scale by Kotobukiya

The current crown jewel of my collection: ironic, considering how little I actually care about the Fate Series, as of now. With the disappointing introduction that was the 2006 anime adaptation, Saber’s character hides a side of badassery that was suppressed by the annoyingly rock-headed and slightly sexist (the way I see him) Shiro, which made her one of the gleaming bright points of the ordeal. Perhaps one day, I will return to the Fate Series, but as of now, Saber’s a great character, in a franchise I don’t care about otherwise.

Well, here we are fellows. As I procrastinate on my eventual decision to drag out my stuff for a proper photoshoot, which can prevent me from throwing a tantrum, in regards to poor photographic compositions and what not, hopefully this will suffice for the time being.

Until the next funomenon, I’m out.

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