Little Fun ‘Round the House

Just a heads up: My photography site is now up and running! You may run into a few ‘under construction’ signs, but rest assured that content will be added ASAP.

Bright Chen Photography

Shot and processed these images a while ago, but thought I would share it on here, to kinda commemorate the proper establishment of this blog.

Essentially, these are the best of a bunch of photos I took, intended on experimenting with Lightroom for some creative artistic results without distorting the original too much.

IMG_0017 Had some fun playing with colour temperature, selective focus and post-process adjustments.

IMG_0015 Another little experiment on selective focusing, utilising the light-bending nature of water in a glass. Also achieved some interesting textures and colour combinations with certain areas left B&W.

Now you have a basic idea of how my mind works with space and how it triggers creativity: anything to do with light distortions, incidental placings of objects and colours can be subjects of my images. Of course, I do have my share of love for grand landscapes and architecture, but sometimes, little things are interesting, too.

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