Christmas With AnimeSydney 2015: Funomenal Gallery


See…I DO have a social life!

I recently attended my university’s (in collaboration with a few other unis) Anime Society Christmas Party. I was cosplaying as a stereotypical stalker (not really…I was just a guy with a fancy DSLR, occasionally snapping up a few pictures).

The photographs here were all extensively processed and edited in Adobe Lightroom from their original RAW formats, in order to look their best in terms of vibrancy and natural skin colour tones, etc. Hope you enjoy the different styles of presentations I have for showcasing the event.

To AnimeSydney members and associates:

As I mentioned on the Facebook pages, the main reason I decided to post the gallery here, instead of on Facebook exclusively, was because of the annoying tendency for Facebook to grossly over compress picture uploads, and in methods that aren’t properly managed, in order to avoid detectable quality loss.

The photographs on here are all around the QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440: so if you so choose, they will make great additions to your wallpaper collections. More details were also published on your societies’ Facebook pages.

In the meantime, hope you enjoyed last night!

B&W Exclusives & Limited Editions

This is the elite collection of the best shots from last night, re-processed to look FINE in Black and White.

Ok. This isn’t really from the party. Just a street performer I found on the way here. But hey! At least it turned out good…



Pfft. This isn’t even my final form ye
I admit…my landscape roots got the better of me in this one.
Hands down my best shot of the night.
JAZZ HANDS plus a trap, titan, prison escapee and various other personalities.

Standard Editions & Extras

This section delicates to more fun shots of the general environment and a few portraits for dem cosplayers. Also featured are the regular versions of the B&W images above.




Ahem* Ladies, your verdicts?



Yep. Still my favourite.





And that just about wraps it up. My first year and it’s already a blast. Until next year, Uni people (this blog shall go on.)



(Fight me. Hyouka FTW)

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